I have nothing but praise for Tom, and many superlatives to boot. He is an absolute pleasure to do business with on every level and his end products of of the highest quality.

He is clearly incredibly knowledgeable in his field but able to give excellent advice to the untrained eye.

Tom delivered a morning suit that fitted like a glove and equally importanly, it was all on time and with the minimum amount of fuss. I will definitely use Barrington Ayre many times again.

Jerry, Sales Manager

Made a tall "odd shaped 47 yr. old fella" look ten years younger in his wife's eyes with his fantastic tweed jacket creation...cant get better than that!

Andy, Company Director

Hi, Tom : I am writing you in my beautiful Black Barrington Ayre suit . Its brilliant and feels absolutely fantastic. Always a pleasure working with you, Tom and thanks again for a wonderful suit . By the way I get so many compliments on that Blue Harris tweed suit you made for me , such an incredible blue

Kent, USA

Tom: I just wanted to let you know how much I love my Blue Harris Tweed suit .I was going to write you a letter but I am so happy , I wanted to share it with you . I always kind of envisioned something like the constables in Glasgow would have worn in the 1950's very striking but purposeful suit and you nailed it my friend . My father is from Manchester so I have travelled to the UK many times , never in your area , but someday . I do love my Northern cities and Scotland. I thought I really found something in TM Lewin about eight years ago and they once did have some nice design in shirts , but the two suits I bought are no match for a Barrington Ayre . So I am remodeling my home and have to finance a trip to Europe , but I am going to have you make a Prince of Wales ( with blue line) suit for me in the future , Tom. If you could thank everybody who made my suit or you have names and an address I would love to write a personal letter to them . One last request , if you possibly have a Harris Tweed label with the orb , I would so love to sew it under my Barrington Ayer label . I think it would look grand . Okay , Tom , a wonderful job, you should be very proud of your work !

kent oneil

As they say " a man should treat himself to a bespoke suit once in his life" . I chose a Navy blue Harris Tweed suit and now I know what they mean, especially one made by Barrington Ayre. I feel like I have time travelled into walking those grand streets of Glasgow in the 1950's when a tweed suit was a badge of honor and should say, still is . Thanks to everyone who was involved in this beautiful suit , your hard work and craftsmanship does not go unnoticed

Kent O'Neil – America

Absolutly smashing


Brilliant service, fantastic workmanship and just great people to work with and at last a shirt that fits my shape!


The shirts that I have had from Barrington Ayre are by far the best shirts that I have. I have 10 from them and wear them on rotation most weeks and even after 2 years of heavy wear they are still in fantastic condition and look like new. I am about to order another 5 or so to refresh my wardrobe.

R.Harris – London