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Weatherproof golf clothing

Published : 03/15/2017 14:46:19
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Weatherproof golf clothing

Our new range of stunning weatherproof clothing is now available online.

Take a look at a short video that we made recently to highlight this clothing by clicking here

With the recent wet weather we have seen a huge increase in orders for our amazing waterproof 100% cotton Ventile trousers. This mainly seems to have been due to the fact that most people didn't believe that they worked and then when they saw them in action couldn't buy theirs quickly enough!!

This was certainly the case with a favourite customer who had been bragging about his new 'Dornoch' Ventile trousers to his playing partners. He then turned up at the course to play one day when it was absolutely heaving down with rain. He pulled out his old waterproof trousers only to be shouted at by his friends who wanted to know why he wasn't relying on his new 'Dornoch' trousers? It turns out the customer wasn't overly confident in the 'Dornoch's' but due to the abuse he was getting he reluctantly popped his old waterproofs back in the car and set out in his 'Dornoch's'.

He couldn't have been happier! the 'Dornoch's' played a blinder and not only kept him try, he was far freer to swing and walk around the course and wasn't battling with ill fitting baggy waterproofs. In fact the trousers behaved so well that 4 of his playing friends called us that afternoon to order their pairs!

Not only are the 'Dornoch' Ventile trousers perform to the best they can, our fully lined 'Blashie' zip neck jumpers are waterproof, windproof and perfect for the cooler, wetter weather.

weatherproof clothing

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