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Photo shoot with Gloucester Rugby

Published : 03/28/2017 15:27:09
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Photo shoot with Gloucester Rugby

We are very proud formal wear suppliers of Gloucester Rugby ad have been for the last 3 years. This year with the 125th Anniversary taking place we were asked to design and make some special club blazers.

We came up with a number of designs including an amazing black and white striped blazer with red piping which went down really well but after a few days the guys lost their nerve and so we calmed the design down a bit and went with a more classic club blazer design.

The design brings in the cherry and white of the club with a striking red lining to match. The base colour is a dark navy, a hark back to classic club blazers. 

The players and playing staff had a say in the design and we mocked up numerous designs for the guys to choose from. We played around with red and white striped piping, a black background and even a red and white striped blazer but the design we agreed on gives the team and club a very smart, classic look.

The blazers have been incredibly well received by most of the fans but a few of the older members don't like the fact that they are so fitted now a days! They wanted a more boxy look, but with the players working so hard on their physique now a days they wanted their bespoke jackets to fit as closely as possible.

Gloucester Rugby Club Blazers

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