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How to look after your bespoke suit

Published : 02/15/2018 10:55:20
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How to look after your bespoke suit

Your new bespoke suit is an investment. It is something that will keep you looking sharp and stylish as long as you let it, so learning how to look after it correctly is an essential part of owning a bespoke suit.

Dry Cleaning 

The first and possibly main thing to do is make sure that you do not over dry clean your suit. This is a common mistake with people dry cleaning their suits as they think that it will keep them looking fresh. This is unfortunately a bit of a mis-conception as the chemicals used in dry cleaning strip the essential oils found in the wool so over dry cleaning is in fact damaging your suit.

Try and only dry clean your suit once or twice a week at the most if you must.

If you do spill something on your bespoke suit, let it dry and brush it off with a good clothes brush.

If you spill something wet onto your suit, simply dab the suit to get most of the moisture off, let is dry and then get the clothes brush out again.

Don't soak the spillage! this will force it into the fabric and end up damaging your suit.

A good clothes brush is one of the best things you can buy and with regular brushing your suit will stay looking it's best.

Hanging Your Suit

Get a few good wooden coat hangers. Ideally the ones with nice broad shoulders and use these to hang your suit.

This will help keep the shoulders from folding in on themselves and keep the shape of the jacket too.

Trouser wise, keep them hung up to and you can always use a special fold if you fancy! Fold each leg separately. Take the first leg and fold it over the hanger. Then take the other leg and fold this the other way over the first leg so that you have effectively folded each leg on its own going a different way! This is said to help prevent creases but don't be afraid of pressing the trousers if you do get a little crease.


Like with most things, don't wear your bespoke suit everyday. It is made of natural fibres and needs time to rest and recover. Ideally you would get at least 5 bespoke suits to rotate throughout the standard working week, but whatever happens, let your new suit have a little time off to bounce back to its best.

Don't forget also that your new bespoke suit will take a few wears to mould and move with you. The canvas in the chest and across the shoulders will mould to your shape and so just like new shoes, you need a good few wears before everything starts to fit even better than when you left the tailors.

Also, you wear the trousers far more than the jacket and shouldn't be taking your trousers off much during the day! so if you can afford to, it is always worth buying 2 pairs of trousers for each suit. If your trousers do start to wear at the crotch then pop them back to your tailors and they will add some fabric inside the crotch to keep them going for you.

So stick with these simple rules and you will get many many happy wears from your bespoke suit.

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